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„domain sale“ is a project of designsystems Andreas Lenné

For international buyers, find available domains for sale below:

You have a business that generates cash and income? Great! And you know it’s always a good idea thinking about extending the business and cooperation, syndication. Here you can find some of my domains that I want to give into someones’s hands with green thumbs to let things grow. Phoenix from the ashes – do something with it!

Domain sale: How does it work? How can you become the owner of the desired domain?

  • Step 1: Pay for the domain via PayPal Button below
  • Step 2: I will get notified by PayPal and I confirm the payment to you
  • Step 3: You will get the authcode via SMS or encrypted whatsapp message immediately
    or you will get another appropriate permission to transfer the domain

Please notice: PayPal is secure. In case of a dispute your money is not lost. Just in case: I would keep my domain.You would keep your money. It’s that simple.

gerbilshop.com for sale


Any questions? Do you want to make an offer?
Feel free and drop me a line!

(note: communication is secured)

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